Tuesday, March 23, 2010

M-Commerce: The New Frontier

The newest frontier that is catching the attention of many marketers and businesses is M-Commerce. Just like the Gold Rush of the 1800s in the Pacific Northwest, M-Commerce is starting to gain momentum.

A high percentage of mobile phone users are purchasing smart phones. Smart phones like the Blackberry or iPhone and their technology are being tested and in some cases being utilized in test programs for M-Commerce.

M-Commerce is really the next progression in allowing a transaction for a product or service to be completed with a mobile device. There is no need for a credit card in these transactions. Anything you can think of, such as buying groceries, getting a car wash and gas or going to a restaurant will be able to be purchased. The possibilities are endless and will be a huge change in how we purchase goods. Business will also have to change how it markets and advertises products and services.

Social Media marketing along with a new hybrid that incorporates super geo-targeted marketing and advertising will change how marketers contact their consumers. This new way of purchasing will be simple and user friendly, thus putting the power in the mobile device. M-Commerce will be coming and will be adopted slowly at first, but will totally change how we buy things.

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