Thursday, March 18, 2010

Marketers Adapt and Overcome: Email Marketing

Marketing professionals generally are intelligent people. Most are quick and remain open to new approaches to targeting a specific audience. One area of interest is email marketing. It is still being utilized as a viable way to target specific demographics and groups.

The email marketer is being faced with a huge problem. In the Social Age, most people have 3 or 4 emails that they must check. Most people don't have a huge amount of time to respond to the endless amount of offers. This method of marketing a product or service is becoming redundant.

Taking these challenges in stride, the email marketer is trying to adapt and overcome. To cut through the natural level of static that bombards us everyday, they are utilizing tactics such as advanced segmentation, personalization and behavioral targeting to connect with their audience. I believe email will remain an important tool for communication and business, but the way the email marketer functions will change. Email marketing will play a more diminished role in the marketing plan as the social media rises to the top.

E-Mail Marketers Plan Advanced Campaigns - eMarketer

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