Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why do you like Twitter?

I first heard about Twitter in early 2008. I was aware of what it was and the basic mechanism of how it worked. The only people using this microblogging tool were some reporters at the newspaper I worked. It was not until early 2009 did I finally wake up, sign up and embrace the power of Twitter.

A report from emarketer talks about the huge increase of unique monthly visitors, its integration and adoption by the business and the wider audience in 2009. It also examines some of the challenges that Twitter has ahead. The most important challenge will be changing its focus from audience building to revenue generation. Twitter will be on target to attract 32 million unique visitors per month in 2011. Ben Parr of Mashable posted a story today of how Twitter has reached a market value of $4 billion.

I like Twitter because it is fast, easy to use and it is anything you want it to be. Any topic that you can think of can be searched. The true power of Twitter is how it is used for breaking news events. During the G20 meetings in Toronto last year, rioting broke out in the city. I was watching it on television [CP24] and following it on Twitter. In most cases, Twitter is on the scene before the police or first responders. It is truly a powerful tool for individuals, brands and companies.

Why do you use Twitter?...


  1. I use it to networking with reporters and other media contacts mostly.

  2. Internet Marketing has taken half of the print and electronic advertising business as it is cheaper and also delivers the message to a target audience rather the masses