Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Big Brands and Social Media - Ford Explorer Facebook Reveal

2011 Ford Explorer exclusively on Facebook. This is really the first big ticket item that has been revealed on a social media site. Ford has taken a proactive approach to creating interest and a buzz among new customers.

If you head to the Ford website the first thing you notice is the usage of social media within the traditional two dimensional website. They have incorporated streaming video from You Tube connections to Facebook. The new Ford strategy seems to be "embrace the new and don't be afraid to take new approaches to marketing your products."

The mind behind the usage of social media marketing in an integrated marketing strategy is Ford's Scott Monty. Scott is the Global Digital & Multimedia Communications Manager for Ford. Scott and his team of social marketing specialists are like college students in second year chemistry. They understand what social media elements can do, but can't tell you what the outcome will be if you mix them together. Yet.

Given enough time to experiment with ways to brand digitally, companies such as Ford will undoubtedly emerge to the forefront of digital branding and social media marketing.

Scott Monty and the Ford Motor Company are a fantastic example of the pioneering spirit. Trying new marketing strategies on big ticket products will allow companies the chance to see that the new digital media can have a very powerful influence on branding and sales of products.

Like any large company finding its way into the new world of digital and social media marketing, Ford made sure it integrated the marketing strategy to include the traditional print, radio and television along with the digital. I believe this will allow Ford to contact both return clients and attract a new and younger clientele.

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