Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Impact of the "New Media" on the old marketing mix

The impact of the new media on marketing can be summed up as profound. The way products or services were brought to market has changed drastically.

The new media and digital technology has allow people to do things that would have taken a week or a month can now be done in 24 hours. It is this technology along with new social network media that have changed the way marketers look at things. This opportunity to utilize fantastic new gateways for connecting products and services to people is something that cannot be let go.

Twenty years ago in most major colleges or universities there may have been several students using laptop computers to take notes. Fast forward to 2010 and almost every student has a notebook computer on their desk. In this short period of time the way people interact, converse, and connect has completely changed. These changes have also been adopted by Marketers and Advertisers.

Even a decade ago, when a marketing or advertising plan was being put together you might have heard terms such as target market, penetration, exposure and many others. In 2010, you will hear terms such as unique visitors, page views, click thru and many new terms.

Along with the technology changes and adaptations by people, the true strength of the new media is the capacity for people to want to belong. That need to feel connected to communities and others is what is driving this. This want and need of people has been utilized by marketers and advertisers to seek opportunities to brand or place their products in front of targeted audiences.

The New Media has and will continue to develop and so to will marketing and advertising. The truth is we really don't know where or what the next change to new media will be, but you can be sure of one thing it will change the way marketing and advertising is done.

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